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SMTP - RFC 821
SMTP Authentication - RFC 2554
POP3 - RFC 1939
APOP - RFC 1939
IMAP4 - RFC 2060
HTTP Mail (Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc)

Mailbox formats

QMail Maildir
Unix Mbox
IMAP Server-Side Folders

Mail Formats

MIME Messages - RFC 2045, RFC 2046, RFC 2047, RFC 2048, RFC 2049
HTML Messages - RFC (?)
Email Attachments - RFC


Multiple simultaneously active accounts
Modular design
Integrated Addressbook
Importable/Exportable Addressbook formats:
VCARD, MS Outlook 4/5/6, Evolution, Pine
User programmable mail filters
Drag and Drop between mail folders
External handlers for any MIME type, including HTML mail
(completely user configurable)

Privacy and Security

Encryption of personal settings and mail folder(s)
Security Multiparts for MIME
PGP Message Exchange Formats
Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM)
MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, etc.


Download files from here
Nightly CVS tarball

Please do not expect MeMail to work yet. The code is under heavy development, and the only thing I can guarantee is that the program does compile on my machine.


This is the main module.

This is the mail composer module.

MeMail is Licensed under the GPL, and is free to download and distribute within the context of the License.
MeMail is Copyright © 2002 Stephen Newby.